At OCEC we want kids to know about God, but more than that we want them to KNOW God.  The gospel is about having a personal relationship with our Father and this means knowing who He is, what He cares about and that He loves us no matter what.  God intends for His church to be a place of community, joy, and genuine worship, all centered around His Word.  That's what KidsLife Ministries strive to be.  This is why our kids can sing together, play together, learn together and together see that God's love is not about them being good enough, smart enough or disciplined enough - it's about knowing who He is and relying on His grace in our lives every single day.


9:00AM - Sunday School

KidsLife Sunday School is available for all ages of kids.  Students learn Bible lessons that focus on Jesus; discover what the Bible teaches about God and how to follow Him; have opportunities to memorize scripture; and learn how to navigate the Bible for themselves.

10:45AM - KidsLife Choir OR KidsLife Church

Students attend the worship service with parents for the worship time and then are dismissed to follow leaders to KidsLife Choir OR KidsLife Church:

KidsLife Choir students (grades 1-6) prepare two children's musicals annually, complete with songs, drama, costumes and props.  Choir students also learn songs to perform in adult services and for special events.

KidsLife Church students (grades 1-5) learn Bible lessons and Bible stories emphasizing the application of Bible truths to everyday life.  Through videos, dramatic interactions, small group activities, games and Bible studies, students discover what the Bible says about God and how to have a personal relationship with Him.


7:00PM - 8:30PM

KidsLife Connection is the Wednesday evening program for Grades 1-5 (September - May).  We seek to  encourage and challenge children in their development as disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, Bible lessons, interaction with God in prayer and through fun interactions with kids and adult leaders.  After worship, video Bible lessons and small group interaction, students and leaders travel via bus to Eastham gym for an organized game time, returning to the church for dismissal. Registration form required.