At a time of year when we can be so good ate giving sacrificially to those nearest and dearest to us (and even to ourselves), our desire as a church is to give sacrificially for the sake of the gospel.  We want to see the people of our city come to hear the good news of the gospel and we know that can't happen without relationships.  We are excited to support Youth For Christ this year as they work to establish a brand new ministry in Oregon City High School and the surrounding middle schools.  YFC is uniquely equipped to build relationships with local youth who don't attend churches and who would otherwise not consider doing so.  They do this through a full time staff person who is able to dedicate all their hours to students and families because they are funded through support from individuals and churches.  There's a big startup cost to something like this and so our goal is to help them through either 1 time donations or monthly/quarterly ongoing support.  

Click here to give ONGOING SUPPORT to YFC. 

Otherwise click on the button below to make a one time donation.