FALL 2017 classes

Sunday, 9:00AM - Room C-5/6

Instructors:  Brent Burson and Chris Storey

Title:  Discovering the Good, Good Father

What is God like and what difference does that make for the way we live our lives?  What does the fact that God is Immanent, Gracious, Just, etc. mean for my relationship with the Father, my relationships with others and for the way I parent my children or relate to my family?  Come join this study of the attributes and character of God the Father and discover together through Bible study and discussion what this person of the Trinity means for our relationship with Him and with others.



Sunday, 10:45 - Room C-5/6

Instructor:  Allen Solheim

Title:  The Basis of Christian Ethics and Morals

We are living in the midst of a changing understanding of moral and ethical standards.  Society is facing continuing moral challenges with new medical and technological advances.  Therefore, it is important we have a clear understanding of the basis of making Christian ethical decisions.  Christians need to know why we take some of the stands we do in the formation of a Christian worldview.  This class will help you understand what formulates Christian ethical principles.  We will look at some of the hard questions posed by medical advancements.  Issues we will examine include war and peace, capital punishment, death and assisted suicide, sexual ethics, genetics and biotechnology, reproductive technologies, and abortion.



Sunday, 10:45 - Room FC-1

Instructor: Bill Vermillion

Biblical Correctness vs. Political Correctness

Living in a non-Christian culture, we face pressures to conform and be molded by what the world deems acceptable and proper. The situation facing the early church was very similar. How did the early Christians live in their non-Christian culture and see such spectacular results? How did they view suffering and remain triumphant? We will study selected Bible portions each week to discover biblical principles/truths for living in a world of deception, darkness and false truth. The class will follow an early church practice of praying, reading the scripture, meditating on it and then formulating a calm, courageous response.