New Mexico 2018

Welcome to the New Mexico information page. We will be updating this page often with information. 

Last MINUTE deets!!

We are wanting to leave as close to 10:30am as possible so please try and get here before 10:30a if all possible, if not its not the end of the world. 

As for packing, here is the packing list.

When you arrive on Friday we will have some large plastic bags to put your luggage in. The trailer we are taking is an open air utility trailer. The reason for this is to improve on MPGs. If you wanted to wrap your suitcase and sleeping bag beforehand that would be wise. Once everything is in the trailer we will wrap everything in a tarp as well.

For our first night please pack a small bag that has some clothing and your toiletries for our first night stay in Idaho. Our luggage will stay in the trailer-sleeping bags will be off loaded. 

The boys will be staying at Rockharbor church in Meridian and the girls will be staying at a house of some very good friends of Pastor Josh and Anna. The groups are only 10 mins apart.

Have some spending money on your person. Once your luggage is in the trailer we will not get it until we arrive at Broken Arrow Camp in New Mexico.

Pastor Josh will send a tracking link out so you can follow our journey down and then back home.

While in New Mexico cell reception is limited for Pastor Josh but you can call and leave a message, he will be checking it daily.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for pictures and updates throughout the trip.

Students are encouraged to bring things to do in the van, games, books, music, etc.

If your student gets motion sickness please be sure to pack the proper medicine for them. 

Application & Support Letter

To download a copy of the application packet which has important dates and many other great things for you please go here

Some have wanted a support letter to send to people. Here is a generic letter that you can fit with your wording or use it as is. Hopefully this helps you out. 

Register and pay

If you want to pay online then please go here

If you want to make small payments you can.

If money is an issue please contact Pastor Josh. Money shouldn't be a reason why you cannot attend; we will figure out some kind of way to get you on the trip.

Food Allergies & INTOLERANCES

If your student has any food allergies or intolerances please fill out this form