What is OCEC youth?

We focus on the Bible, application, and practicality in the life of a middle school and high school student. Through the use of Bible stories and characters, the attributes of God, the life of Christ, biblical decision-making, a knowledge of God’s standards, a biblical worldview and a godly self-image, we train youth to learn and live the meat of God’s Word.

Why do we exist?

Training youth to be faithful and prepared followers of Jesus Christ

Faithful – Unwavering in their devotion to the LORD

Prepared – Giving them the knowledge to stand up for the LORD in an ungodly world

Followers of Jesus Christ – Jesus said that we must take up our cross daily and follow Him. Also, the Great Commission calls us to develop disciples and teach them everything that He has commanded. Disciples follow their master -- we follow Jesus!


Missions trip and outreach

We seek to develop each other’s focus on missions. We consider friends, family, community, the needy and the world as our mission field. Through regular service projects and our annual missions trip, students learn what it means to follow Christ. Youth have an incredible capacity to give, love, and serve those around them.

Small Groups

This is where real effective ministry happens. A higher ratio of staff to students makes these small group times great for closer contact with students and more time spent in the Word and the modeling/mentoring of following Jesus. Our goal is that students will grow closer to Jesus and a knowledge of His Word by spending time focusing on their spiritual life.


These events are crucial to the building of friendships, getting youth into the group, having good Christian fun and making youth group a place where we can effectively communicate the Gospel. Through these fun activities, we can gain access to the non-believer’s heart and mind and encourage godly relationships.

All youth that attend youth events need to fill out the medical form that is linked above.

For more information about LifeWire (Middle School) and The Branch (High School) click on the logos above or email Pastor Justin (