Ed Grover


On staff since 2017

(503) 656-8582, ext. 103

Where were you born?  Covina, Calif.

Spouse or kids?  I'm married to Ellie my high school sweetheart and we have two kids, Tegan is 5 and Davie is 3.  I believe the technical term for my children is "high energy". We also have a cat named Owen and a dog named Barry. 

What do you do here?  I get to lead here as the primary preacher on Sunday mornings and lead our staff to discern and fulfill the vision God has given us together as a church.  I'm the newest addition to OCEC having just stepping into this role after previously serving in youth ministry, small groups and men's ministry at churches in northern and central California. 

Favorite food?  Salad.  For some reason I'm crazy for the greens.  Also I could probably eat the skin off of 8 Costco rotisserie chickens. 

Why Ministry?  God has given me a deep desire to see the people of His church taking part in his mission to reach the lost and make disciples.  He's also given me gifts to be able to lead, encourage and equip people to do this.  I find such great joy in seeing God use the people of OCEC live in such a way that fruit is produced for the kingdom.  

Favorite Attribute of God?  His grace.  I simply cannot fathom how God can know me with all my strengths and weaknesses, and still choose to love me and give me life. 

Where did you go to school?  Covina High, Cal State Bakersfield & Talbot School of Theology.

Passions: I love building and fixing things, spending time with Ellie and our kids, watching movies, reading

Dave lerud

Associate Pastor - Worship Arts

On staff since 1987

(503) 656-8582, ext. 110

Where were you born?  Salem, Oregon

Spouse or kids?  Claudia and I met in college, married and had two children, now grown.  Our son is an Episcopal priest in Portland and our daughter teaches in the English Dept. at University of Oregon. Claudia is a Kindergarten teacher in the Oregon City School district. She and I share a historic 1887 house in Oregon City with Greta and Dottie, our dog and cat.

What do you do here?  I am the primary worship leader for the 1st service and give oversight to our worship and worship-support ministries, including audio/visual tech, hospitality and prayer.  I also get to conduct our Grateful Praise Choir. 

Favorite food? I am a sometimes-foodie who enjoys eating out, and I have a particular fondness for Italian fare.  Also, I like desserts way too much!

Why Ministry?  Since childhood I have known Jesus and wanted to serve Him.  I believe that however imperfect, His Church is the means by which He intends to change the world, and I want to be part of that cause.  Helping people experience God's presence in worship is one of the things I am especially motivated to do.  

Favorite Attribute of God?  I marvel at the extravagance of His Love!

Where did you go to school?  McNary High School, George Fox College and Western Evangelical Seminary.

Passions: I'm a musician with an artist's eye and passions who's also a bit of a perfectionist; I enjoy designing and creating beauty and impact using music and choir and productions.  At home, I like to create a beautiful garden.  I love to learn and like to read.  Most of all, I cherish time with my wife and family.  

justin house

Pastor of student ministries

On staff since 2018

(503) 656-8582, ext 104

Where were you born?  Landsdale, Pennsylvania (but raised in Beckley, West Virginia)

Spouse or kids?  My wife's name is Megan to whom I married on November 4th, 2017. We currently have two high energy, fetch loving, attention needy dogs - Aspen (a black lab) & Denver (a golden retriever).

What do you do here?  I am over students who fall in the grades of 6th - 12th grade and the awesome staff who help serve the ministry.

Favorite food? Probably salmon and mashed potatoes.. but pretty much any meat with potatoes will make me very happy. Also, meat on pizza with lots of garlic is a home run as well. Or tacos. 

Why Ministry?  God used my youth pastor and youth group to mold me into who He wanted me to be during crucial times of my life. I feel called to do the same for other teens! 

Favorite Attribute of God?  The omnipresence of God fascinates me. God is in everywhere - in and around everything, close to everyone. 

Where did you go to school?  Independence High School (Coal City, WV), Marshall University, and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (now known as Gateway Seminary).

Passions: I love being a Godly influence in teenagers lives, the outdoors, sports in all forms, and doing all that is listed with my incredible wife. 

sue burson

Pastor of Children

On staff since 1989

(503) 656-8582, ext. 106

Where were you born? Britt, Iowa

Spouse or kids? I met and married Brent while we were in college and nine years later we became parents to Drew.  Beth was born three years later.  Drew and Beth are both married and live in the Portland area.  We have two adorable (and "perfect!") grandkids, Ellie (4) and Luke (2).  Our third grandchild is on the way!

What do you do here?   I am privileged to plan, coordinate and implement the ministries for children from birth through grade 5.  I  also oversee the Adult Sunday School classes.

Favorite food? Anything I get to select from a restaurant menu (i.e., things I didn't have to cook!)  I also love ice cream, particularly chocolate flavors.

Why Ministry?  I am passionate about helping others, especially children, come to know Jesus and follow Him.  I love studying God's Word and helping others grow in their relationship with God through His Word.  It is a joy to equip and train adults and teens to share the gospel with children and watch them experience the joy of helping a child connect with God.

Favorite Attribute of God?  His loving-kindness.  It is amazing to me how deeply God loves me, despite my flaws and failures.  He daily expresses His loving-kindness with small and large indications of His goodness, provision and care for me.

Where did you go to school? Oregon City High School, George Fox University & Talbot School of Theology.

Passions:  I LOVE spending time with Brent, the kids and grandkids.   At least one day off each week I head to Hillsboro to play with Ellie and Luke.   Brent and I love to vacation in Maui and enjoy it most when our family joins us there.  I also love reading, jigsaw puzzles, knitting and cross-stitching.  I just might be a little competitive about making sure I meet my daily step goal!